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101 Uses for Dr. Wizard's Wizard Chips
11.  Mark your opponent for battle (4E).
12.  Mark your dodge buddy for battle (3E).
13.  Attach to character's familiar figure so you won't lose that annoyingly little thing.
14.  Action Pont/Hero Point markers.
15.  Placement marker so then you try to move, then you change your mind, you know where you started from.
16.  Current player marker.  Know whose turn it is.
17.  Represent treasure.
18.  Use it to mark a trap after it's been spotted so rest of party doesn't stumble into the trap.
19.  Invisible Stalker marker.
20.  Tenser's Floating Disk marker.
21.  Stand on edge in front of figure to represent a Shield Spell (suggested by Scott Fitzpatrick at GenCon).

Stratus Artworks is still in the process of collection suggestions for uses for Dr. Wizard's Wizard Chips, so if
you have a good suggestion (or even a not-so-good suggestion) email us and let us know what it is.  If we like
it, we will add it to the list and give you credit for it.  Please include your name in the email to get credit.
Wizard Chip being used as a
Shield Spell marker.
(Not that there's any hope for that
poor sap.)
Emerald's Emporium
1, Show that your character is invisible.
Prayer spell cast on him or her.
3. Show that your character has Mirror
Image spell cast on him or her.
4.  Show that your character has Bull's
Strength cast on him or her.
5.  Show that your character has Bear's
Endurance cast on him or her.
6.  Show that your character has Owl's
Wisdom cast on him or her.
7.  Show that your character has Eagle's
Splendor cast on him or her.
8.  Show that your character has Cat's Grace
cast on him or her.
9.  Show that your character has Fox's
Cunning cast on him or her.
10.  Throw at annoying players (Stratus
Artworks is not responsible for any injuries
resulting from thrown Wizard Chips).