Page last updated 04/22/16
Small, fragile parts of the sculpture, such as
dragon and unicorn horns, are cast in pewter and
gold plated.  The glass eyes are taxidermy quality
and derive their colors from colored glass frit that
is fired (melted) onto the back of the clear glass
Emerald's Emporium
Each item is hand casted and the mineral stone casting material sets and hardens by
hydration of the mineral molecules.  This forms an interlocking crystalline structure which

Beside being durable and archival, mineral stone is an ecologically sound material that is
both safe to use and not toxic to the environment.  

The painted figurines are finished with a combination of airbrushing and hand-painting by
skilled artisans using the highest grades of archival materials available.  The iridescent
paints they use are not colored with dyes or pigments. Their colors are produced by
light-refracting coated mica particles where the particular color is determined by the exact
thickness of the refractive coating.  They are similar to the colors in butterfly wings and
without dyes or pigments they are light-fast and non-fading.
We have been selling Windstones since 2005.  Their
museum-quality and vibrant colors have won us over
and we hope to be selling them for a long time.