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U.S. Patent #6,938,897
Don't know if your levitating magic-user is in
range of the sorcerer's fireball?

Get rid of confusion!

This three-inch tall rod stands inside a gaming
grid square or hex and can hold a regular-
sized miniature on top.

The elevation of the character can be
indicated by moving a set of bands up and
down on the numbers on the rod.  The top set
of numbers are a multiplication table (X0.1, X1.
0, and X10), and the bottom set is 10-100 in
tens, allowing for the height of 1 foot (yard or
meter) to 1000 feet (yards or meters) of

The device can also be turned upside down to
indicate descent for games with underwater

Great for aerial combats, underwater
adventures, or cavern spelunking games.  
Works with any role-playing game including:
D&D™, D20 games™, Heroclix™, Mage
Knights™, and Warhammer™.

Device comes with two black bands.  Colored
bands are available separately for even more
precise measurements.
Extra bands:
(50¢ for a
set of 2)
Elevation Indicator with two black bands:





Hot Pink:

Lt. Pink:

Lt. Blue
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Dr. Wizard's Elevation Indicator Extenders
For use with large or huge figures.
Large Extenders
Huge Extenders
One of the by-products of the Elevation Indicator Extenders is a small acrylic circle that is cut out of
the bottom extender piece.  We call these Dr. Wizard's Wizard Chips.  We are collecting suggestions
Please see our
101 Uses for Dr. Wizard's Wizard Chips page to read what we have and to offer your

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