Emerald's Emporium
My Doll Collection
The following dolls are from my own collection.  Boxes are included
unless otherwise noted.  Accessories are as shown in the picture or
description.  Some dolls may be dusty.  I apologize in advance.

Please email me at
contactus@emeraldsemporium.com to buy or
negotiate for any dolls.  Shipping, insurance, and delivery confirmation
will be added to all doll prices.  Shipping expenses are not negotiable.
Page last updated 07/22/17
Miscellaneous Dolls
America Laura
Designs by Yoko
Porcelain Doll
Certificate included.
Happy Holidays Barbie
from 1997
Mint in Box
Rapunzel Barbie
Mint in Box
Scottish Barbie
Has been removed from
Dynasty Doll "Faith"
Christmas 1990
Porcelain Doll
Limited to 5,000 dolls
Musical, plays "Silver Bells"
By Lissi
Vinyl Doll
Vinyl Doll by Galoob
No box or original